Welcome to the shop of grandtheftMCPE!

We hope you enjoy our server and have a lot of fun. The use of it is and will be completely free for you. We only want to provide these people of you a possibility to help us keeping the server alive by donation of real money.

The operating costs of the whole server system are currently grown to about €1000 per year which we are financing completely from our own pocket. For this reason we are happy about every additional donation which reduces this enormous sum. For legal reasons we may not provide any compensation to our donators which could influence the gameplay (no pay to win). If you are not discouraged from that you might donate and get a special rank called "SPONSOR" which will only include cosmetic features.

Thanks for reading and maybe supporting us!

SleepSpace9 & ByFlxrian


Disclaimer: Any payments made here are not a payment to Mojang or the official Minecraft game. This is contribution to help fund a minecraft server network completely unaffiliated with Mojang.

No refunds, and no transfers without strong reason.